Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen…!

2 Dates · Apr 25 – Apr 26
Formal Board Hearing HRR Quarry permit

Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center

Wednesday, April 25th, 830AM
Thursday, April 26th, 830AM

Let’s let the Board know how important this is to us, to our community, to our environment. Showing up is, as they say, half of the secret to success. Here’s the Division’s formal language on the hearing…

The Division has received timely written objections to the Application. Therefore, pursuant to Rules 1.4.9(2)(a) and 1.7.4(2), the Division has scheduled the Application for a formal Board hearing for consideration. During the hearing, the Board will consider the Application with objections and may decide to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the Application. If you have any questions, you may contact Amy Eschberger at 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215, Denver, CO 80203, by telephone at 303-866-3567, ext. 8129, or by email at amy.eschberger@state.co.us