The State Mined Land Reclamation Board has voted 3-2 to DENY Transit Mix’s application to mine on the proposed Hitch Rack Ranch Quarry site. For the SECOND time. While there are a myriad things to be said here, sometimes it’s best to let others speak for you. The Denver Post and the Colorado Springs Gazette both did an excellent job reporting this story—momentous certainly for the neighbors and citizens fighting the intrusion of a monstrous, destructive quarry into their community—but also for the city of Colorado Springs and the residents of Colorado. Special thanks, too, to Rachel Riley of the Gazette for live-tweeting the hearing for those of us who couldn’t attend. We’ve included the last few minutes of her Twitter feed to give you an idea of the drama and the suspense of the moment…


The Denver Post’s Article by Bruce Finley

State mining regulators reject controversial proposal for 239-acre gravel mine near Colorado Springs wildlife habitat

“The decision stood out for a state board that has issued permits for 1,260 gravel mines statewide and rarely rejects applications. Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety officials had recommended approval of Transit Mix’s proposal. And Transit Mix officials had declared that, if allowed to cut this new Hitch Rack Ranch mine into foothills south of the city, they would accelerate long-delayed repairs of massive scars on Pikes Peak foothills north of Colorado Springs at two existing Transit Mix quarries.”


Colorado Springs Gazette article by Rachel Riley

State Board Rejects Application for Proposed Quarry in El Paso County

“The decision is a major blow for the company and a victory for nearby residents and environmental groups, who have argued the proposed quarry off Colorado 115 could threaten the area’s groundwater and wildlife habitat, including that of the threatened Mexican spotted owl.”


Gazette Reporter Rachel Riley’s Live Tweeting of the Final Moments of the Hearing