Last week, Transit Mix released a proposal to build a “mountain bike park” at the site of the Pikeview Quarry, aka the “Scar” marring the city of Colorado Springs’ northwest side. We’ll be writing about this more in the coming days, but we hope that folks aren’t fooled by this classic distraction, this “bait and switch” tactic. Today, the El Pomar Foundation, one of the city’s most respected and influential institutions, released their own proposal, committing to $1,000,000 for the maintenance of some bike park. What might be lost in all the noise were some key statements made by the Foundation’s Chair, Bill Hybl. As reported in the article in the GAZETTE, Hybl highlights that the funding is not site specific (so he’s not necessarily endorsing Transit Mix’s proposal). He states clearly, “we’re vehemently opposed to the Hitch Rack Ranch quarry and that hasn’t changed. We still think that another scar on the mountain is not what this community deserves.” Hybl also notes that the Pikeview site is probably not the best location for any kind of park, as it’s a recognized landslide area.

In summary, we are pleased that the El Pomar Foundation is contributing to helping with the operating costs of a world class bike park, as outlined in the City’s Parks Master Plan. We also appreciate that this commitment will “not be site specific” and are glad that at the same time El Pomar remains committed to its opposition to the Proposed Hitch Rack Ranch Quarry.

That’s our statement, and we’re sticking to it. #NoMoreScars